Airbnb Etiquette: 10 Tips for Host & Guest to Create the best Stay Experience

Jul 25, 2023

Introduction to Airbnb Etiquette

Airbnb has revolutionized the way people travel, offering unique accommodations and the opportunity to connect with local hosts. Whether you are a host opening your home or a guest seeking a memorable stay, observing proper etiquette is essential to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. In this blog post, we will provide etiquette tips for both hosts and guests to help create the best Airbnb stay possible. According to Erling Bailey, owner and operator  of Airbnb, DC Base of Ops in Washington DC states " The Optimal goal is to make this home feel like your home away from home".

Etiquette tips for AirBNB Hosts:

  1. Clear Communication: Maintain clear and prompt communication with your guests from the booking stage to check-out. Respond to inquiries and messages in a timely manner, provide detailed directions to your property, and offer any necessary instructions or guidelines for a smooth arrival.
  2. Accurate and Detailed Listing: Create an accurate and comprehensive listing that includes clear descriptions, high-quality photos, and a list of amenities available to guests. Being transparent about your property ensures that guests have realistic expectations and are satisfied with their stay.
  3. Clean and Welcoming Space: Present a clean and well-maintained space for your guests. Make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned before their arrival, provide fresh linens and towels, and consider adding personal touches like local recommendations or a welcome basket to make them feel at home.
  4. Respect Privacy and Boundaries: Respect your guests' privacy by giving them space to enjoy their stay without unnecessary intrusion. Avoid entering their rented area unless it's necessary for maintenance or emergencies. If you live on the property, make sure to establish boundaries and communicate them clearly to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone.
  5. Offer Local Recommendations: As a local host, share your knowledge of the area and provide recommendations for nearby attractions, restaurants, and activities. Guests often appreciate insider tips that enhance their experience and help them discover hidden gems in the community.

Etiquette tips for AirBNB Guests Guests:

  1. Read and Respect House Rules: Thoroughly read the host's house rules and follow them during your stay. Respect any restrictions regarding noise, smoking, pets, or additional guests. Adhering to these rules ensures a harmonious relationship with your host and maintains a positive environment for all.

  2. Communicate Your Needs: If you have any special requirements or requests, communicate them to the host in advance. Whether it's early check-in, dietary restrictions, or specific amenities, providing clear information allows the host to accommodate you to the best of their ability.

  3. Treat the Property with Care: Treat the Airbnb property as if it were your own home. Keep the space clean and tidy, respect the furnishings and amenities, and report any damages or issues to the host promptly. Being a responsible guest ensures a pleasant experience for future visitors as well.

  4. Follow Check-In and Check-Out Procedures: Arrive at the designated check-in time or inform the host in advance if you'll be delayed. Similarly, adhere to the check-out time and leave the property in the condition specified by the host. Promptly returning any keys or access cards is also important to maintain a smooth transition for the next guest.

  5. Leave a Thoughtful Review: After your stay, take the time to write a thoughtful and honest review for your host. Provide feedback on the property, the host's communication, and any outstanding experiences. Constructive feedback helps hosts improve their offerings, while positive reviews help future guests make informed decisions.


By following these etiquette tips, both hosts and guests can contribute to a positive and enjoyable Airbnb experience. Clear communication, respect for the property and privacy, and thoughtful interactions create a welcoming environment for all parties involved. Remember, the foundation of a successful Airbnb stay lies in mutual respect and consideration. Let us strive to foster a culture of appreciation and good manners, ensuring unforgettable stays for guests and hosts alike.

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